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Wedding Planning Process

Wedding plannerSo, you have finally said “yes” to your fiance, and soon, you would say “I do” in front of him and your wedding guests. But before this big day comes, there is a lot of planning to do, and you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed and excited at the same time. Don’t panic and stay calm – this practical guide on how to plan your wedding can help make the entire process simple and stress-free for you.


Decide on the Date, Time and Theme

These three aspects of a wedding affect everything else such as the decor, venue, centerpiece, menu and other items that make up the overall cost of the event. With this in mind, you should discuss with your fiance what your plans and ideas are for this occasion, considering your budget and any constraints. This is also the perfect time to determine your guest list, as this helps in setting your budget.

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