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Guest Management Ideas and Tips

Wedding Planning Design Flat FashionOne of the toughest parts of planning for a wedding is deciding on who to invite for this event. You probably have several friends, and so does your fiance. However, you know for sure that it is just not practical to invite everyone you want when you are on a budget for this occasion. To guide you on managing your guest list, these professional tips are here to help you make a choice.

1. Discuss with your partner who you are planning to invite.

Naturally, the very first thing to do is to sit down with your fiance and come up wth a rough estimate of your guest list. In terms of tradition, the family of the bride is the one who decides the number of guests for the wedding. However, since more couples nowadays are paying for all the expenses involved in this event, it is only fair that they determine the list. After all, the number they decide on will have a huge impact on the cost of every item for the wedding such as the food, venue, and even tokens to give each guest.

2. Consider your in-laws’ and parents’ decision.bridesmaids

In most cases, couples take into account the recommendations of their families since they may also have certain people whom they plan to invite for this occasion. To be fair to everyone, you may set an equal division when determining the guest list, which means a third to you and your partner, a third to the family of your fiance, and a third to your own family. This way, you will not end up offending anyone as you generate the list of guests.

3. Make a list according to who you prioritize.

Another way to streamline the guest list is by writing down the names according to your priority. For instance, you can write down first those who are in your family and your fiance’s, then close friends, relatives, and anyone whom you share fond memories with. However, you do not need to invite people whom you have not seen in years or are not particularly close to since the event should be an intimate one. Never feel obligated to invite someone just because you see him or her at the office everyday, specifically if you are not close to each other.

4. Send out invitations months ahead.Outdoor wedding reception

Be sure to send your invitations several months ahead, so you can have a definite figure in your head. This will guide you in hiring service providers for your wedding such as the caterer and florist. You will also be able to set a specific budget for the event once the guests have confirmed their attendance to the event.

It is common for at least 20 percent of people you invite will not be able to make it, but never count much on this projection. The main thing for you to do is to set a realistic budget, eliminate distant relatives or family members, as well as colleagues at work whom you are not close with. Although you have set a deadline for the RSVPs, you may call guests who are unresponsive about 2 weeks prior to your wedding.

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