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Common Wedding Fails You Should Avoid

weddingNo matter the amount of time you put in preparing for your wedding, on the wedding day, you always feel you are less on some aspects or finances. Weddings happen all the time and chances of something going wrong are pretty high. There are common wedding mistakes brides and grooms should avoid, to have a smooth and fruitful day during their wedding. Let us look at some of the mistakes we can avoid.

Failing to Communicate Effectively

It is true that we can’t please all the people all the time. However, we can please ourselves and those closest to us by ensuring we keep the right people updated. When planning for a wedding, only listen to the advice of those people whose opinion matter the most. Keep talking to such people during the entire planning process.

Not Taking Your Partner’s Ideas into Consideration

Another big issue that can ruin your wedding is the failure to consider your partner’s ideas. Failing to listen to your spouse’s ideas and views can lead to fights and discord that may escalate to significant problems in the future. Ladies should allow their husbands to have a say in the planning of a wedding.

Booking Venues Before Creating a Wedding List

wedding venueUnless the venue is going to be in your home or garden, booking venues is among the priorities you need to set when planning a wedding. Spaces can fill up, and you need to be prepared. However, when booking such spaces, you need to have a rough idea of the number of guests you will be expecting. You don’t want to be in a situation where you booked a venue, and the space is too small for your guests. It will be chaos!

Failing to Trim Your Guest List

When you invite too many guests to your wedding, you will be giving yourself all sorts of a headache. There are a lot of things involved in guest planning. There is the catering budget, accommodation, transport and reception and all these factors may give you a sleepless night. Set a specific threshold on the number of guests you need for your wedding and be guided by your budget.

Micromanaging Your Vendors

When you are booking chefs, interior designers, photographers, videographers among others, you are booking talented pros who understand their work. One easy way to fail in your wedding is dictating and micromanaging their work. It may be tempting to control every detail, but after the initial meeting and briefing, give space to these people to do what they are professionals at.

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