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Wedding Planning Process

Wedding plannerSo, you have finally said “yes” to your fiance, and soon, you would say “I do” in front of him and your wedding guests. But before this big day comes, there is a lot of planning to do, and you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed and excited at the same time. Don’t panic and stay calm – this practical guide on how to plan your wedding can help make the entire process simple and stress-free for you.


Decide on the Date, Time and Theme

These three aspects of a wedding affect everything else such as the decor, venue, centerpiece, menu and other items that make up the overall cost of the event. With this in mind, you should discuss with your fiance what your plans and ideas are for this occasion, considering your budget and any constraints. This is also the perfect time to determine your guest list, as this helps in setting your budget.

Although you may have your ideal wedding in mind, and you have always dreamed of this day since you were a little girl, it is important to be more practical when planning for this event. Set realistic goals, think about the date and time of the cerremony, and the venue. After discussing these with your partner, you can set a meeting with your parents and in-laws to-be. This time, talk about the budget, and find out if your parents are contributing some money to the occasion. By doing so, you can further determine your budget and work around this amount as you organize your big day.

Reserve the Venue for the Ceremony and Reception

If you are looking to marry at a very popular place in town, then reservations should be made months before the event. However, if your idea is having a simple and intimate ceremony, then you can have it done at the beach, your parents’ home (considering there is a spacious garden for your guests), or a lovely courtyard nearby a hotel. The venue should match your theme, and you need to consider its accessibility since you do not want you or your guests to have a tough time getting there.

It may be more convenient to have the reception done in the same venue as where you are having the ceremony. This saves your guests from traveling to two different places, which can be a hassle. Just make it a point to consider the number of guests and size of the venue to determine if it can accommodate everyone who are coming to your wedding.

Choosing and Hiring Vendors

Outdoor wedding receptionThese are professionals who contribute a huge deal in making your big day a huge success, so be sure to choose the right ones who can deliver as promised. Begin by gathering recommendations from trustworthy people such as your family and friends, then set a meeting with these vendors for your inquiries and to get a better feel of what they can offer.

It is best to book with a photographer and videographer several months ahead, particularly when you are hiring the finest ones. Check their portfolio, arrange the cost of service, and sign a contract with them to finalize the whole deal.

As for musicians or entertainment, you should hear and see for yourself if they are really the ones you prefer for your wedding. Find out about their genre, whether they agree on sticking to your selected playlist, or how they present themselves. You may also opt for a DJ instead of a live band, depending on your budget.

Next, choose a florist and caterer for the event. For the florist, you may want to see photos of the different centerpieces or floral arrangements, so you can have an idea on what to expect. Discuss with the caterer the menu you have in mind including your budget. You may also bargain if necessary, as long as the quality of food and presentation are not compromised.

Your Entourage

bridesmaids When it comes to assigning attendants, make it a point to select both from your and your partner’s family. This helps create a sense of diplomacy that will strengthen your relationship with in-laws while showing respect to the family of your fiance. Then, explain the roles required from each whether it is the bridesmaid, maid-of-honor, or groomsmen. Your closest friend, sister or favorite relative is usually assigned the role of maid-of-honor. As for the number of bridesmaids, you can choose as many as you prefer.

Bride and Groom Essentials

This time, the spotlight is on you and your fiance! Shopping for your gown and your fiance’s tux and suit should be a fun, yet critical moment. Tag along a close friend who knows a lot about fashion and the style that works for you. The cost of bridal gown and suit varies, and it is all about getting the right outfit that fits your body and personality perfectly.

These items to think about when planning for a wedding should help you get started and organize the essentials for this event. Take a deep breath, relax, and cherish this precious moment in your and your fiance’s life!

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