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Wedding trends for 2016

Wedding.This 2016, you can expect fascinating styles when it comes to this year’s wedding trends. From centerpieces to invitations and even to entertainment, there are so many things to look forward to for 2016 brides and grooms. Check out what these amazing trends are, which you may want to incorporate to your upcoming big day!

Gold and Copper Everywhere!

Whether it is on light fixtures, adorable rustic lamp on your centerpiece, or utensils, metallic gold and copper hues are popular this 2016. To add a hint of these metals to your wedding decor, you may consider using plates with gold lining on the edges, or perhaps some copper lanterns to light the path for your outdoor reception. You can also use lovely gold-lined vases for your flowers, copper bowls at the buffet table, and other items that will exude a whimsical atmosphere to this event.

Romance is In The Airelegant wedding ceremony.

The whole ambience should be dreamy and romantic; it’s a wedding, after all! So, what better way to make this happen than by incorporating several pieces that spell out R-O-M-A-N-C-E. For instance, you can use elegant chandeliers or pendant lights for the reception, setup plenty of greenery and flowers, and add some items that hold fond memories for you and your fiance. Let the whole room speak of romantic moments you had with your partner such as memorabilias during your first out-of-town trip, songs played at the restaurant when he proposed to you, or vintage street lamps to send out a Parisian vibe to the venue (then play some romantic French songs, too!).

Natural and Organic

When it comes to floral decorations, bridal bouquet and centerpieces, the whole idea is to bring out a natural, ethereal and organic look. This is the main reason why floral arrangements this 2016 are more particular with flowers that are in-season. The concept is to use blooms that appear as though they are freshly picked for a wild and natural appeal. No more of too structured arrangements this year, and you can lean towards free form with an explosion of different colors and even vines to create a whimsical effect.

Personalized Touchbeautiful wedding table

Wedding invitations are now leaning towards personalized and handmade, which make these more special. You can also give these invitation letters your unique and novel stamp that your guests will appreciate. For the lettering, you can find various invitations this year that are focused more on one that is done by hand. Although we are now in the digital age, nothing beats the sentimental vibe of a letter exuding a look as though it is manually done.


One of the most popular 2016 trends for cocktails served on weddings is the rosé wine. In fact, you can find this type of wine in different flavors from a selection of regions during cocktail hour. Beer or champagne gardens are also trendy this year. As for desserts and appetizers, the gueridon service is making its comeback. So, you can have your servers have a cart full of customizable desserts, starters and pastries as they arrive to every guest’s table.

Be sure to consider these fine and chic trends this 2016 for your wedding and make the event as meaningful as possible!

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