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Budget Wedding Ideas

Outdoor wedding receptionPlanning your wedding, yet a bit on a tight budget? Even if you are a little low on your budget for this event, you can still have a spectacular wedding that you and your guests will never forget. It is all about planning this occasion carefully and sticking to the essentials that matter most to your and your partner.

Think about Your Guest List

The number of people you are looking to invite for your wedding has a massive impact on the total cost of every item for this occasion whether it is the menu, venue, invitation and giveaways or tokens. When creating a guest list, you should focus more on who you want to invite and not feel compelled just because certain people invited you to their wedding before, and you wish to return the favor. The idea is to make the event more intimate, which means the people you should invite are the ones closest to you and your fiance’s lives.

Opt for a Budget-Friendly Venue

There is nothing more romantic than choosing a venue that allows you, your fiance and your guests to relax. This means, great locations for a wedding ceremony and reception include your parents’ or in-laws’ garden, a courtyard or even the beach. A venue that is so uptight and too formal may cause you to become fidgety and even more stressed because of the expenses that come with the rental. As long as the venue is spacious, offers an amazing view, comes with a reasonable price, accessible, and meaningful to you and your partner, then it should be a perfect choice.

Think about the Catering ServiceWine Wine

After finalizing the guest list, line up the menu while sticking to local, in-season and fresh foods. You may even assign someone in the family who’s an amazing cook to prepare these dishes to cut back on catering expenses. Just make it a point to maintain the highest quality of the dishes, presentation and portion sizes. This way, you can save money while making sure that your guests are satisfied with the food you serve.

Work on Your Own Invitations

Why hire a pro to do your invitations when you can just be creative and resourceful for this important element of your wedding? If you have a computer and a printer, then you can just buy a nice stationery, print the invitation and place the letter in a nice (recycled) bottle or matching envelope to complete the look. Adding a personal touch on the invitation makes it precious, and your guests will surely appreciate the effort you put in it.

Skip the Live Band

Even without a live band or string quartet, you can still have a blast on your wedding reception by coming up with improvised entertainment. Setup speakers all over the dance floor, use your parents’ stereo equipment, and play songs from your playlist all night long. If you have a friend who has excellent DJ skills, then you can have him or her host the event and take care of the entertainment portion of the reception.

Give your wedding day a romantic, meaningful and special ambience even when you are on a budget with these brilliant tips that work.

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