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Planning for Wedding Entertainment

Wedding ChecklistWeddings will never be complete without a live band, DJ or musicians to provide entertainment during reception. When it comes to wedding entertainment providers you can choose from various options, and your choice depends on your budget, theme of the event and your preference. So, to give you some tips on planning for musicians to hire for your wedding, read along and learn valuable pieces of information provided below.

1. Determine the type of music you are interested in.

Are you more of a classical music person, or do you like something leaning towards pop or soft rock? This is the most important thing to consider before you start looking for a musician for your big day since every singer or band has its own genre or specialty. Sit down with your fiance and discuss your preference. In case you have different taste in music, find a common point to agree on and go ahead with the next step in deciding on the musician to hire for the event.

2. Set your budget.impressive wedding objects

Now that you have determined the genre of music you want for your wedding, it is time to consider the practical aspect of this whole thing, which is your budget. Established artists charge a higher fee, and the same goes with a renowned string quartet or instrumentalists. If you have a friend who sings very well, some buddies who have an indie band and play quite good, or you know a relative who have great DJ skills, then these should be perfect when you are on a small budget.

3. Find out the different options to choose from.

Traditional weddings usually feature a violin trio, harpist, pianist, classical guitarist or a single cellist for the reception. Live music always gives off a serene, ethereal and romantic ambience to any weddings, whether your venue is in a lush garden, the beach or a courtyard. It is even better if these musicians are dressed in outfits that match the setting, which makes them presentable to your guests. However, if you are more into laid-back music, then unplugged acoustic performances are your best bet. Talented artists can play a combination of current and oldies-but-goodies songs in front of the crowd, thus exuding a relaxed, intimate and romantic mood.

4. Showcase a surprise presentation for your guests.

To add a little bit of excitement and element of surprise to your reception, you can even present a dance or music number to your guests. This is becoming a trend now during weddings, and couples coordinate with their entertainment providers in performing either a song or a choreographed dance presentation during the event. If you are thinking about adding this to the event, be sure to plan your lineup of activities carefully and rehearse with your musicians to make this presentation a big hit!

Lastly, always set everything in black and white. Once you have selected your musicians for the wedding, come up with a contract that includes items both parties have agreed on. Indicate the fee, inclusions, and important information to make sure nothing is left out before you sign the contract.

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