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Planning for the Wedding Transportation

White wedding limousine with flowersAnother important area to think about when you plan for your wedding is the transportation. After you have decided on your caterer, hired a musician, or finalized deals with other service providers, you now need to think about how you – and your guests – can reach the venue on time. To go through the selection process when it comes to transportation options whether you want a limousine or a catchy sports car, the following tips should come in handy.

1. Know your options ahead of time.

Some brides prefer to live out their fairytale princess dreams and have a horse-drawn carriage as their mode of transportation for the wedding. Others are more into the glitzy Hollywood-style ride such as a white stretch limo, Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz. There are also some people who like to go down memory lane and arrive to the wedding venue on a Volkswagen Beetle. Decide first on the make and model of the car you prefer, then the rest will follow. Also, make sure your ride matches the theme of the event. Traditional or fairytale weddings go well with vintage cars or carriages, while limos are perfect for modern weddings. If the event is set on the beach, you can ride a stunning white horse for a romantic and unique feel.

2. Think about your guests.

In addition to the your car (or carriage, if you prefer) for the event, you also need to consider how your guests will get to the venue. Although they may have their own vehicles, it would be more convenient if there is one shuttle or van to transport them to the venue for the reception or ceremony. A charter bus is also a practical option as this can seat as much as 60 passengers – perfect for your entire guest list. With this in mind, it is practical that you hire a car company at least 4 to 6 months before the event. Discuss with the operator the number of vehicles you are renting, the time and place of the wedding and the number of guests. Then, sign a contract to seal the deal.

3. Provide a smooth and fun ride with your bridal entourage.White wedding limousine

You have to realize that your entourage worked as hard as you did (or maybe even more) during the event, so it is only right for you to treat them to some relaxation with a fancy and comfy ride back home. Why not include them in the limo you hired just for this occasion, and give them something to look forward to when the party’s over. You can also have your close friend and parents in this relaxing ride, so they will feel completely stress-free. This ride should take them back home or to their hotel, wherever they are staying after the ceremony.

Transportation is very important in weddings since this will give your guests an assurance that they can get to and from the venue on time without any stress. Just remember that there are peak seasons for car companies such as valentine’s day, proms, or other events. So, choose the company several months ahead, go for highly recommended ones that offer reasonable rates, and include this when you set a budget for your big day.

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