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Planning for the Wedding Transportation

White wedding limousine with flowersAnother important area to think about when you plan for your wedding is the transportation. After you have decided on your caterer, hired a musician, or finalized deals with other service providers, you now need to think about how you – and your guests – can reach the venue on time. To go through the selection process when it comes to transportation options whether you want a limousine or a catchy sports car, the following tips should come in handy.

1. Know your options ahead of time.

Some brides prefer to live out their fairytale princess dreams and have a horse-drawn carriage as their mode of transportation for the wedding. Others are more into the glitzy Hollywood-style ride such as a white stretch limo, Rolls Royce or Mercedes Benz. There are also some people who like to go down memory lane and arrive to the wedding venue on a Volkswagen Beetle. Decide first on the make and model of the car you prefer, then the rest will follow. Also, make sure your ride matches the theme of the event. Traditional or fairytale weddings go well with vintage cars or carriages, while limos are perfect for modern weddings. If the event is set on the beach, you can ride a stunning white horse for a romantic and unique feel.

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Common Wedding Fails You Should Avoid

weddingNo matter the amount of time you put in preparing for your wedding, on the wedding day, you always feel you are less on some aspects or finances. Weddings happen all the time and chances of something going wrong are pretty high. There are common wedding mistakes brides and grooms should avoid, to have a smooth and fruitful day during their wedding. Let us look at some of the mistakes we can avoid. Read more

Reasons You Need to Hire a Limo Service for Your Wedding

wedding limoIt takes a little know-how to get your wedding on time and in style. Your wedding day transport is more than just getting people from one point to another. It is an opportunity to make a statement. When it comes to deciding on the form of transport you are going to use, there is nothing that beats a limo service. A lot of wedding limo rental companies such as Best Limo Arlington will have a wide selection of cars to choose from, depending with a client’s budget and needs. Read more

Las Vegas Wedding

las vegasAside from its casinos and entertaining nightly shows, Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations in the world to celebrate weddings. In fact, there are several locations in Las Vegas that hold weddings, and these come with a variety of themes to meet the preferences of couples. What’s more, numerous celebrities and TV personalities have proclaimed their “I Do’s” in this part of the U.S. Some of those who are known to have exchanged their wedding vows in Las Vegas include Jon Bon Jovi, Michael Jordan, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Depp, to name a few.

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Honeymoon Destination, Packages and Ideas

tuscany italyOnce the ceremony is over, there is something else to look forward to – a romantic honeymoon with your spouse. Every newly-wed considers this as the highlight of their marriage since this allows them to unwind and relax after the action-packed ceremony. Whether you are more into a paradise-themed getaway, a romantic villa in Tuscany, or a tranquil resort in Santorini, these fine options for a memorable honeymoon should help you make a choice.

1. Tuscany, Italy

Ah, there’s something romantic, pacifying and whimsical about Tuscany. Being in this beautiful countryside in Italy just offers so much to newly-weds. There is the tranquil view of the fields full of vibrant colors of the flowers, the amazing vineyards with quality wines to taste, gorgeous scenery all around, friendly locals to meet – what’s not to love about this place? Just be sure to check out a villa or inn where you can stay for your honeymoon, and it should not be too expensive since it’s set in the countryside. You may even find some special deals or all-inclusive packages to save you more money.

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Planning for Wedding Entertainment

Wedding ChecklistWeddings will never be complete without a live band, DJ or musicians to provide entertainment during reception. When it comes to wedding entertainment providers you can choose from various options, and your choice depends on your budget, theme of the event and your preference. So, to give you some tips on planning for musicians to hire for your wedding, read along and learn valuable pieces of information provided below.

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Guest Management Ideas and Tips

Wedding Planning Design Flat FashionOne of the toughest parts of planning for a wedding is deciding on who to invite for this event. You probably have several friends, and so does your fiance. However, you know for sure that it is just not practical to invite everyone you want when you are on a budget for this occasion. To guide you on managing your guest list, these professional tips are here to help you make a choice.

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Planning for Wedding Meals

beautiful wedding tableWhen it comes to planning for wedding meals or menu, there are several things to consider to make sure everything turns out perfectly. No matter what your theme is, or regardless of your budget, these practical tips for menu planning should help you come up with a lineup of scrumptious and satisfying dishes for this occasion.

1. Know your guest list and budget.

Two important factors that affect your menu should be taken into consideration right from the start – the number of guests who are coming and your budget. Once you have come up with a final guest list, and you are settled with the date and time of the wedding, deciding on the meals to serve should be easier. For instance, if you are having a winter wedding, your dishes should be appropriate for the chilly weather. The same holds true when you are having the event in the evening, at tea time or early in the morning.

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Budget Wedding Ideas

Outdoor wedding receptionPlanning your wedding, yet a bit on a tight budget? Even if you are a little low on your budget for this event, you can still have a spectacular wedding that you and your guests will never forget. It is all about planning this occasion carefully and sticking to the essentials that matter most to your and your partner.

Think about Your Guest List

The number of people you are looking to invite for your wedding has a massive impact on the total cost of every item for this occasion whether it is the menu, venue, invitation and giveaways or tokens. When creating a guest list, you should focus more on who you want to invite and not feel compelled just because certain people invited you to their wedding before, and you wish to return the favor. The idea is to make the event more intimate, which means the people you should invite are the ones closest to you and your fiance’s lives.

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